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01/05/2015'LS64BITCCALLOUTPointerSupport' not set to the required
value of '1'.
08/23/2001"Attach to Notes" option - how can you select RT field and file name of scanned attachment
02/26/2020"Certificate expired" error occurs in timestamping service plugin during SSL handshake when using expired client certificate for authentication
11/18/2016"Document has been modified ..." error message
01/10/2017"Document is already locked…" error message
08/23/2001"Out of system resources" error
01/05/2023"Pixtools/View: Decompression library not available" error using Fujitsu fi-6x30
11/03/2023"Send for OCR" action can fail on IMiS/OCR Server 9.12.2105
10/20/2017"Unknown error" message pops out when scanning wih Kodak i1440
08/23/2001.TMP file extensions when creating documents on Domino.Doc
07/08/2003Diskette IconAccess violation at address..... PIX*.dll
10/12/2012Access violation errors in IMiS/Scan
01/03/2022Ad-hoc Trust anchors - IMiS/Storage Connector JAVA
10/30/2006Additional document actions on right click menu in Windows Explorer
10/20/2002Barcode recognition in IMiS/Scan+ 2.10
05/30/2023Black edges when scanning in color with Fujitsu fi-6x30
03/11/2002Bug in Annotations
05/04/2009Change unsupported image format to widely used PDF format
08/20/2003Class not registered error when trying to start IMiS/OCR Server
07/11/2003COM objects as an alternative to IMiSapi.dll