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'LS64BITCCALLOUTPointerSupport' not set to the required value of '1'.

Product:IMiS/Notes interface

Case: Error "8204 - Required notes.ini parameter
'LS64BITCCALLOUTPointerSupport' not set to the required
value of '1'." occurs after upgrade to Lotus Domino 9.x 64-bit.


After upgrading Lotus Domino to 9.x 64-bit be sure to insert a line LS64BITCCALLOUTPointerSupport=1 into a notes.ini of a Lotus Domino server running database with IMiS design and IMiS/Administration ver. 8.x.
More info: https://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/dx/C-Callouts_on_non-32-bit_Platforms

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