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Access violation errors in IMiS/Scan

Product:IMiS/Scan, IMiS/Scan++, IMiS/View, IMiS/View++
Release:8.5.1204, 8.6.1211

Case: An Access violation error can occur while scanning. The error is non-reproducible and can occur randomly.


Customers are reporting Access violation errors with implementation of IMiS/Scan version 8.5.1204. The repeat sequence is random and usually occurs while scanning. After a page is scanned an access violation error can be raised in one of the embedded 3rd party toolkit’s. When Access violation error occurs a message box is shown explaining that current window will be closed.

After confirmation and closure of the current Document window is all seems OK but in majority of the cases IMiS/Scan process is inoperable from there on. Inoperable process manifests itself by not being able to open any Document window, not for Document preview or scanning.
The only solution to this issue is to restart the process instance by killing the process through Task Manager and restart your application which uses IMiS/Scan.

The occurrence of this fault is so random that we could not reproduce it in our testing and development environments. We are investigating the issue but is can take some time due to our inability to reproduce it.

With version 8.6.1211 IMiS/Scan logging was significantly improved and is now capable of logging user actions and state of application in much more detail hopefully giving us more information about potential and actual errors such as the one described above. The old "iarcio.log" is still generated, but is deprecated and will be completely replaced by new logging feature in future releases. New log entries are now stored in "imis.log" file which rotates by default on 10 files at 1MB which is sufficient for most diagnostic operations. In case of any problems with IMiS/Scan customers are advised to enable logging in IMiS/Scan Preferences dialog, increase logging level to Verbose and send all "imis*.log" files after the problem reoccurs to support@imis.si.

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