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"Attach to Notes" option - how can you select RT field and file name of scanned attachment


Case: IMiS/Scan user creates IMiS attachments in Rich Text fields -> "Attach To Notes" storage type is selected in user's profile document in IMiS Administration database. How can we select which RT field and file name of scanned image to use?


There are two special IMiS LotusScript functions in Script library IMiSMultiLang in every IMiS enabled database that can help you slove that problem.

IMiSScanFieldName can be used for selecting RT field so just alter the code in it and as result RT field name has to be returned. If RT field is not found on form, than scanned image will be attached at the bottom of the document.

IMiSScanFileName can be used for selecting file name of scanned attachment. Result has to be string, which represents file name without file extension, because file extension is added automaticlly based on IMiS/Scan preferences (TIF or PDF).

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