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Class not registered error when trying to start IMiS/OCR Server

Product:IMiS/OCR Server

Case: IMiS/OCR Server writes out <class not registered> error message.


This is not an IMiS/OCR Server bug but system notification that necessary requirements have not been met. IMiS/OCR Server requires installed IBM/Lotus Notes client which supports COM interface objects. IBM/Lotus Notes clients from 5.0.2b onwards are COM enabled and with this required for IMiS/OCR Server to work.

Imaging Systems did not test all setup applications produced by IBM/Lotus but we did noticed that not all of them register IBM/Lotus Notes client COM interfaces. If you have IBM/Lotus Notes client 5.0.2b or later and you still get this error, you can register COM interfaces by hand. Follow these instructions:

1. Open a console window (cmd.exe in NT-type operating systems, command.com in W9x operating systems)
2. Change directory to where Lotus Notes client is installed.
3. Register IBM Lotus Notes COM API layer by enetering command: regsvr32 nlsxbe.dll
4. A dialog box saying DllRegisterServer in nlsxbe.dll succeded.

5. Restart IMiS/OCR Server and you should be up and running.

Afterwards you should not receive this error anymore. This fix is valid for ALL versions of IMiS/OCR Server.

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