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Change unsupported image format to widely used PDF format

Product:IMiS/Scan, IMiS/Scan++, IMiS/View, IMiS/View++
Release:7.5.811 and older

Case: Documents made with IMiS/Scan application sometimes can not be opened with other imagining tools like Microsoft’s Windows Picture and Fax Viewer or Microsoft Office Document Imaging. This is due to unsupported image compressions such as sequential JPEG, ZIP, JBIG or Wang JPEG compression.


Solution to this problem is to use IMiS/Scan application to convert current TIFF file to PDF file format. All standard image compressions are supported in tools for showing PDF files.
Open TIFF file in IMiS/Scan. Click one page in thumbnail panel. Select all pages (Ctrl-A), copy selected pages to Clipboard (Ctrl-C).

Click on Preferences in Tools menu. In Preferences dialog select Documents category and in File format section choose Adobe PDF file format from dropdown menu. Confirm your selection.

Creates a new empty document (Ctrl-N) and paste (Ctrl-V) all previous copied pages in new document. Save new document. It will be saved in PDF format. Close old one.

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