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08/23/2001What's New - July edition
08/23/2001.TMP file extensions when creating documents on Domino.Doc
08/23/2001"Out of system resources" error
08/23/2001"Attach to Notes" option - how can you select RT field and file name of scanned attachment
08/27/2001Problems with IMiS menu actions that access TEMP folder on WIN 2000
08/30/2001Editing scanned documents on Domino.Doc directly from Internet Explorer or Domino.Doc Neighbourhood
09/06/2001Diskette IconIMiS Database Design Enabler
09/19/2001Diskette IconSlow opening of TIF files from IE
09/24/2001PixTWAIN configuration
10/04/2001What's New in latest Notes interface (NSF IMiS design elements) release
10/04/2001IMiS/OCR client is ODMA compatible
12/01/2001Supported versions of IMiS in 2001
12/03/2001List of supported scanners
12/17/2001How to add pages in .PDF file
12/20/2001Long printer name crashes IMiS/View
12/31/2001Supported versions of IMiS in 2002
03/11/2002Bug in Annotations
03/20/2002Version 2.4 has some new features in Lotus Notes interface
08/23/2002Problems with IMiS/Scan after upgrading to Domino.Doc 3.5
08/23/2002In case of troubles with scanner setup....