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03/26/2018Invalid drive z:\ when installing IMiS client
03/12/2018User authentication failes when using Kerberos authentication type
02/15/2018UUID error occures during synchronisation with Active Directory
02/09/2018How to build IMiS/Storage Connector SOAP Service C# client with WCF
01/31/2018Incorrect zlib1.dll file
01/28/2018IMiS/Scan & View 9.8.1801
01/18/2018Diskette IconRunning IMiS/ARChive v7 on platforms with systemd init systems and ephemeral /var/run directory
12/27/2017Running IMiS/wScan in Microsoft Edge browser.
12/22/2017IMiS/wScan 1.2.1712 released
12/22/2017IMiS/Storage Connector Services CMIS 9.1.1712 is released
12/22/2017IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST/SOAP 9.1.1712 is released
12/11/2017IMiS/ARChive user can view the attribute value despite being denied the right to view (Deny Read)
11/24/2017IMiS/Client 9.8.1710 for IMiS/ARChive Server v9.8
11/21/2017IMiS/Storage Connector Services CMIS 9.1.1711 is released
11/17/2017IMiS/Storage Connector SOAP Service JAVA 3.2.1711
11/16/2017IMiS/Storage Connector 3.1.1711 JAVA Interface
11/15/2017IMiS/Storage Connector 3.1.1711 .NET Interface
11/10/2017IMiS/Storage Connector 9.8.1710 .NET Interface
11/09/2017IMiS/Storage Connector 9.8.1710 JAVA Interface
10/20/2017 "Unknown error" message pops out when scanning wih Kodak i1440