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IMiS Suite

IMiS/Scan & IMiS/Scan++

IMiS/ Scan is using ISIS drivers, supporting about 300 different scanners (simplex and duplex with video or SCSI interfaces). We are supporting JBIG and CCITT/ITU G4 compression and all major graphics file formats (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PCX, BMP,....)

IMiS/View & IMiS/View++

IMiS/View has almost the same functionality as IMiS/Scan, of course without scanner control functions.

IMiS/Avalanche & IMiS/BatchScan

IMiS/Avalanche is designed as an utility to store (create) a set of documents into Notes database, IMiS/ARC or Domino.Doc server. IMiS/BatchScan is a subsystem for batch scanning where you can create several job profiles with different fields/forms/NSFs.


IMiS/ARChive Server is an replacement for LN:DI MSS Server, provides imaging server based on functionalities of HSM, Level 5. With IMiS Design Elements V3, it's possible to store all file types, including .doc, .xls, mp3, etc....


IMiS/OCR - Optical Character Recognition is a process which replaces “manual” data entry. Saying it simply, we talk about process of recognition of individual characters, allowing us to convert the image of a document back into text format. How this is done depends on our particular needs, i.e. why we need an alphanumeric record of a document in addition to its image. OCR can be performed for the whole document or, we can select only certain sections or parts of the document.


IMiS/ICR Server & IMiS/ICR Client provides handprint recognition and presents the main "engine" for forms processing applications. SRC.SI successfully finished a pilot project for Slovenian Ministry of Finance, Tax Department.


IMiS/Net provides access to images stored on LN:DI MSS, IMiS/ARC server(s) or somewhere else on file system/file server via Internet browser.

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