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New documents

With IMiS client you can create new documents in either TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF documents created with IMiS clients are PDF/A-1b compliant. You can set the default file format in the Documents category of the Preferences dialog (see Documents category for more details). Launch IMiS client (or simply open IMiS enabled Notes database), then right mouse click on the IMiS icon ( ) located in system tray and select the New document option. If you already have a document window opened, you can select New command from File menu or toolbar (see Menu and toolbars for more details).

Page creation

New document pages can be created in two ways. One way is to scan pages (available only with IMiS/Scan versions) and the other is to paste clipboard contents. When copying pages with redactions to clipboard, redactions are merged when the user has no 'See under document redactions' permission. (see Restrictions Settings for more details). There are two ways to insert pages into documents. When in Insert mode new pages will be inserted before or after the current page according to cursor position (see Thumbnails for more details). If Overwrite mode is used new pages will overwrite pages from the selected page on regardless of cursor placement. The current state of the insert mode is located in the status bar (see below). You can set Insert or Overwrite page insert mode from either the Page menu or by pressing the Ins key.

Opening documents

You can open an existing document by selecting the Open document... option from IMiS icon menu in system tray or simply double left mouse click on the IMiS icon. If you already have the document window opened, you can open the file from File menu or toolbar (see Menu and toolbars for more details). IMiS client can view all major graphics file formats (TIFF, PDF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, ...). Opened document are listed between IMiS icon menu About... and Exit option and the active document is checked.

Closing documents

You can close an active document either by selecting the Close document option from IMiS icon menu in the system tray, closing document window by mouse, selecting Close option from the File menu, or with the ESC key if the 'Close documents on <ESC> key' preference is selected in the General category of the Preferences dialog.

Edit mode

To change a document in any way (like adding pages, editing annotations, etc.) you need to enable the document edit mode. While new documents are in edit mode by default, you have to manually enable edit mode of open documents with Edit mode option from Edit menu or with a toolbar button (see Menu and toolbars for more details). Documents, opened from IMiS Notes interface, can only be edited if the user has the appropriate permissions (see Restrictions Settings for more details).

Crop page

To crop a page first enable Region mouse mode. Create a region you would like to crop a page to. Place mouse on top of the region and right click mouse for the page view popup menu to appear. Select Crop command. You can only crop pages in a documents with enabled edit mode.

Printing documents

To print a document use Print command from the File menu or use the toolbar button. You can print the whole document or a page range. Set default print scale in the Print category of the Preferences dialog (see Print category for more details).

Sending documents

To send the whole document from IMiS client use Send command from the File menu or toolbar button. You can also send a selection of pages or region made in region mouse mode (see Mouse mode for more details). Document annotations (see Annotations for more details) are merged with images according to the user annotation permissions in the Restrictions settings (see Restrictions Settings for more details) before the document is send. IMiS client also allows you to select which types of annotations for which you have view permissions are merged on send. Selection of annotation types you don't have permission to view are disabled and the annotations of that type are either removed (hilite, popup or text annotations) or merged (redactions) on send. User can set default merge preferences, as well as hide the Merge annotations dialog on send in the Export category of the Preferences dialog.

Note: IMiS client uses Windows MAPI for sending documents with default Windows email program, while IMiS Notes interface uses Domino object model.

Status information

IMiS client status bar contains the information about the document like current page, insert mode, page index, scaling, rotation and mirror status, page size in pixels and color type. The last information is the format of new or open document. You can find more information about the current document page on a Page Information dialog (see Page information for more details).

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