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IMiS/Storage Connector 3.1.1711 JAVA Interface

Product:IMiS/Storage Connector JAVA

Case: This release introduces support for new content types on IMiS/ARChive 9.8 and fixes content type related bugs. Trial version is available for testing purposes at info@imis.si.


What's new:
* change: using IMiS/ARChive 9.8 content types in Mime2Ext and Ext2Mime tables
* change: demo version valid until 1.1.2019
* change: documentation copyright entry updated

* fix: case sensitive content types fix in MimeExtResourceBundle
* fix: IAObject.initialize() method when no extensions for a content type is defined fix

IMiS/Storage Connector 3.1.1711 JAVA libraries:
* storageconnector.jar 3.1.1711.67
* Uses iarcli.jar 3.1.1711.74
* Uses iacxapi.jar 3.1.1602.32
* Uses imisbase.jar 3.1.1711.25

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