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IMiS/wClient - Changing theme


Case: IMiS/wClient - Changing theme


This example demonstrates changing theme on the IMiS/wClient.

The user interface can be customized with additional settings for each archive.

The default name "IMiS®/wClient" and theme color can be replaced e.g., with the company's logotype and color.

Below is a description of theme parameters which the user can set in the file settings.json.


- Collection of theme parameters.

themes item
- logo: The logotype shown in the top bar.
- primary_color: The primary theme color.
- primary_color_gradient: The primary gradient color which is used in the top bar as the background color.
- primary_color_variant: The primary dark color.
- primary_color_text: The primary text color.
- focus_color: The focus color which appears as a border around the buttons when clicked and as a border around the text entry box.
- archives: The collection of archives in which the theme is used. If this element does not exist or is empty, the theme is global.
- class_icon_color: The color of the icon of class-type entities.
- folder_icon_color: The color of the icon of folder-type entities.
- document_icon_color: The color of the icon of document-type entities.
- directory_entity_icon_color: The color of the icon of directory entities.
- secondary_color: The secondary theme color.
- secondary _color_variant: The secondary dark color.
- secondary _color_text: The secondary text color.
- link_color: The color of link text. The default value is primary_color.

Example of changing theme

settings.json configuration has 2 themes:
- archives iarc102s and iarc uses theme with custom logo and brown theme colors,
- archive iarc102 uses theme with custom logo and gray theme colors.

  "url": "<IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST - URL>",
  "request_timeout": 240000,
  "themes": [
      "archives": [
      "logo": "assets/acme-1.svg",
      "primary_color": "#c39e90",
      "primary_color_gradient": "#c39e90",
      "primary_color_variant": "#c98367",
      "primary_color_text": "#000",
      "secondary_color": "#fbdfd4",
      "secondary_color_variant": "#fcd0c0",
      "secondary_color_text": "#000",
      "focus_color": "#000",
      "class_icon_color": "#4527A0",
      "folder_icon_color": "#FBC02D",
      "document_icon_color": "#4FC3F7",
      "directory_entity_icon_color": "#000",
      "link_color": "#000"
      "archives": [
      "logo": "assets/main-logo.png",
      "primary_color": "#a6a6a6",
      "primary_color_gradient": "#a6a6a6",
      "primary_color_variant": "#a6a6a6",
      "primary_color_text": "#212121",
      "secondary_color_text": "#212121",
      "focus_color": "#d9ab50"

Brown theme

iarc uses brown theme.

Gray theme

iarc102 uses gray theme.

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