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IMiS/wClient 1.7.2110


Case: IMiS/wClient 1.7.2110 is released.


IMiS®/wClient is web client intended for the capture and management of content of electronic origin or content digitalized using scan procedures. The client operates directly with the IMiS®/ARChive Server, which ensures secure long-term storage of documents and archived content along with the corresponding metadata. Users access the content from any web browser via the web client IMiS®/wClient.

Content is structured by the classification scheme, which sorts materials according to their subject, authority, activity, and the business and expert functions of corresponding personnel within the company.

Entities follow a hierarchical order (classes, folders, documents), with practically unlimited sub-levels specified according to need. Each entity in the archive has its own unique classification code.

The IMiS®/wClient can be connected to many IMiS®/ARChive Servers, which facilitates the capture and management of electronic content of several separate organizational units on a single location.

What's new:
* Added template all properties array.
* Added entity dialog header version label.
* Added template dialog read template from cache.
* Added grid view check all items.
* Added entity reference dialog create, save, delete event messages.
* Added entities, drafts, reviews, deleted, disposed, reports collections handle.
* Added template property overlay panel on details view.
* Added review export sort key, sort order.
* Added settings.json custom theme configurations.
* Added settings.json custom collections configurations.
* Added entities view custom columns dropdown.
* Changed object preview object label tooltip.
* Added object preview stream handle.
* Added enitty details view label description, items order.
* Changed settings.json configuration property names.
* Added activity read pages with audit log query handle.
* Added header unauthorized error check.
* Added header open, edit, save actions buttons disabled, loading state.

* Fixed review info activity visibility.
* Fixed entity dialog create another label.
* Fixed entity saved event in export, import.
* Fixed entity saved event in my entities.
* Fixed entity reference dialog reference creator.
* Fixed template dropdown style.
* Fixed entity search date before, after.
* Fixed entity copy dialog object container id.
* Fixed entity dialog close move target.
* Fixed entity dialog delete objects.
* Fixed entity dialog save object subscription.
* Fixed draft select, preview.
* Fixed header new dropdown root classes list.
* Fixed review dialog disabled button state.
* Fixed Entity.getParent() review document.
* Fixed review complete, discard refresh.

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