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About the company

Imaging Systems is dedicated to the development of IMiS – complete imaging solution for the Lotus Notes and Domino.Doc environment.

After successful imaging projects in state administration in the Republic of Slovenia, where we installed Lotus Notes Document Imaging systems at almost 50 locations, we have developed IMiS with one simple goal - to improve LN:DI features on the client side and especially in the server architecture.

The integration of IMiS with Notes/Domino collaboration & communication infrastructure will improve a company’s business processes and provide the best and most measurable return on DMS investment.
Although a "paper-less" office is a noble ideal, a "less-paper" office is a more practical reality, we firmly believe that imaging should be deployed in every Document Management System. It is well known that employees spend up to 30% of their time, searching for documents, equivalent to over 500 working hours a year.

We aim to provide the most advanced imaging technology to Lotus Notes customers and developers. With highly qualified & certified professionals who are aligned with industry standards and best practices, we are helping IMiS users to achieve the greatest return on investment, based upon proven knowledge, skills and products.

Inspired with The Power of Ethical Management*, we establish corporate culture based on principles that clarify our purpose and goals on a long-term success, enhancing our business and enrich the quality of life...
* Kenneth Blanchard, Norman Vincent Peale: The Power of Ethical Management, ISBN 86-7577-001-4

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