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Why imaging at all?

Usually, I'm answering to such questions asking "how much time are you(r workers) spending every day, searching for documents?"

Or (if I'm on a customer location): "Would you please find (for instance) our invoice/proposal/whatever from six months ago?"

Sometimes, they are willing to "play" such game... and manager makes a phone-call to his/her secretary, asking for a particular document... then, we are starting to count... minutes... coming up to 15, 20 or even a half of hour...

Then, I'm saying "you are having 100 employees... multiply that minutes with working days... = lots of money... if every employee is seeking for only one document every day."
In other words: 100 employees * 20 minutes a day * 250 working days = 8333 hours * $10 per hour = $83,000.

Some official numbers taken from Lee Mantelman: Imaging Guide1 are actually even more "dramatic"... Delphi Group, for instance, found out that we are spending up to 30% of our time (more than 2 hours/day) with "paper handling"... so, I think that there is plenty of room for investments into imaging based on a simple math:
2 hours day * 100 employees * 250 working days * $10 per hour = $500,000.

Coopers & Lybrand:
BIS: 90% of corporate "memory" resides on paper

Nolan Norton Institute - In an imaging environment (as compared to paper or micrographics:
Ernst & Young - Electronic document management can:

1Lee Mantelman: Imaging Guide, Flatiron Publishing, NY, ISBN 0-9366648-67-8d

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