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IMiS/NET Agent 1.5.2005

Product:IMiS/NET Agent

Case: This release of IMiS/NET Agent adds case-insensitive storage query in configuration file and fixes some bugs found while analyzing the code with new development tool.


What's new:
* Maven 3 project support for debugging through IDEA
* Case-insensitive storage query in configuration
* Changed loading configuration file in IMiSNetAgent.init()
* Added configuration is not present error in IMiSNetAgent.doGet()
* Added no command is specified error in IMiSNetAgent.doGet()
* Changed indexOf() expression replaced with contains()
* Changed IMiSNetAgent storage map with parameterized map
* Using enhanced for loops where possible
* Suppressing unchecked and rawtypes warning in IMiSNetAgent.getStorage()

* Fixed NullPointerException in IMiSNetAgent.doGet() for missing user agent
* Fixed NullPointerException in Configuration.Operation constructor
* Fixed storage name check in Configuration.Storage constructor
* Fixed infinite loop in Configuration.addContentType()
* Fixed raw use of parameterized classes in Configuration
* Fixed tab characters replaced with spaces in Configuration
* Fixed unnecessary semicolon, comments and resource string trailing spaces
* Fixed continue is unnecessary statement in a loop
* Fixed redundant type casts
* Fixed redundant string constructor
* Fixed field may be final warning
* Fixed confusing arguments (varargs or non-varargs)

* uses IMIS/Storage Connector 9.10.1910
* uses JRE-1.6 (jdk1.6.0_45)

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