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IMiS/Storage Connector 10.2.2110 JAVA Interface for IMiS/ARChive v10.2

Product:IMiS/Storage Connector JAVA

Case: This is the first release of IMiS/Storage Connector that supports the new IMiS/ARChive 10.2 functionalities such as stateless session, reading entity handle, opening entity with handle and other features and fixes. Trial version is available for testing purposes at info@imis.si.


What's new:
* Updated Mime2Ext and Ext2Mime tables with mime types from IMiS/ARChive 10.1, IMiS/ARChive 10.2.
* IEntity created(), modified(), accessed() is not allowed on new unsaved entity.
* IReview created(), modified(), accessed() is not allowed on new unsaved review.
* IEntityReference created(), modified() is not allowed on new unsaved entity reference.
* Added EntityIdKind.HANDLE.
* Added AuthType.SESSION_ID.
* Added IEntity.getHandle().
* Added IEntity.flush().
* Added IReview.getHandle().
* Added IReview.flush().
* Added IDraft.getHandle().
* Added IDraft.flush().
* Added Document.getHandle().
* Added ObjectIdKind.HANDLE.
* Added IArchive.getSessionId().
* Added Storage.getSessionId().
* Added IArchive.openDraft() with id kind parameter.
* Added IEntityCollection.getHandle().
* Added IArchive.getCollection().
* Added IPropertyInputStream, IPropertyOutputStream.
* Changed IContentPart openDataInputStream(), openDataOutputStream() stream type.
* Added IDocument.openContentPart().
* Added IDraft.openContentPart().
* Changed Archive.createEmail() logging.
* Added IDraft.getArchive().
* Added IArchive.close() close session.
* Added Storage.close() close session.
* Added StorageConnector.freeInstance() release socket pool.
* Added AuthType.NONE.
* Added StorageConnectorException.getCode().
* Added IArchive.openAuditLogQuery().
* Changed Document input stream, output stream type.
* Added IArchive.getHandleId().

* Fixed Retention.addPolicyEntry() filter logging.
* Fixed AbstractEntity.save() synchronization.
* Fixed ContentPart.move() remove subparts.
* Fixed ContentPart.equals() null check.
* Fixed CachedTreeMap concurrent modification.
* Fixed TemplateTreeMap moved to Archive.

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