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09/02/2022Creating email using IMiS/Storage Connector JAVA
09/02/2022Content management using IMiS/Storage Connector JAVA
08/31/2022IMiS/OCR Server 9.x.2208
08/31/2022Entity move using IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST
08/29/2022Entity versioning using IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST
08/09/2022IMiS ARChive backend service cron schedule syntax
06/20/2022Inaccessible server private or public key may result in server crash on startup
06/13/2022IMiS/wClient - Changing the help view
06/10/2022IMiS/wClient - Changing the search view
04/29/2022IMiS/wScan 1.8.2204
04/11/2022Spring remote code execution vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-22963, CVE-2022-22965) does not affect IMiS ARChive servers
01/31/2022IMiS/Notes interface does not support HCL Notes 12 64bit for Windows
01/04/2022Setting IMiS/Scan and IMiS/View application language
01/03/2022Printing archived content from browser using IMiS/wClient
01/03/2022Ad-hoc Trust anchors - IMiS/Storage Connector JAVA
12/22/2021Preview of multimedia staged content using IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST
12/22/2021Preview of multimedia content using IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST
12/22/2021IMiS/Storage Connector Services SAP 9.3.2110
12/21/2021IMiS/wClient - Changing theme
12/21/2021IMiS/NET Agent 1.6.2110