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IMiS/Client 9.8.1710 for IMiS/ARChive Server v9.8


Case: This release supports the new functionalities of IMiS/ARChive Server version 9.8. Most notable new features on the entity model are related to content. Content parts can now have parents and sub parts, can be moved, detached and queued for fulltext index or conversion service on IMiS/ARChive Server. Majority of new features provided by this release are part of archive configuration, such as Authentication, Content, Legacy Archival, LTANS and Security settings. Trial version is available for testing purposes at info@imis.si.


What's new:
* new: hierarchical visualization of content (content parts have parents and sub parts)
* new: content parts can be moved, detached and queued for Index or Convert service
* new: access to content parts on custom content attributes
* new: drag&drop support for FileContents clipboard format
* new: Details properties grid for selected content part including Indexed and Signed properties
* new: Size column for content part list on Content tab
* new: "Archival information package" property on System Properties tab
* new: Authentication configuration section providing support configuring access to Active Directory and LDAP
* new: Content configuration section providing support for content related functionalities like parsers, converters, full-text indexing and digital signatures
* new: Legacy Archival configuration section to providing means to configure legacy archival
* new: LTANS configuration section to providing means to configure LTANS related settings
* new: Security Settings configuration section to containing security related settings
* new: "Directory", "Password hash" and "Locked" settings directory entity in Configuration\Directory
* new: "Synchronization enabled", "Authentication\External" settings on external directory entity in Configuration\Directory
* new: ContentManagement role on directory entity in Configuration\Directory
* new: overlay icons for external users and groups in Configuration\Directory
* new: Move content event setting in Audit log configuration
* new "Write once, read many" and "Stop adding objects" settings in Profile configuration
* change: Review role is removed (replace by user access right to Review system folder)
* change: Properties tab on configuration Access control removed

* fix: entering string values on string attributes limited by byte length (String10, ..., String200)
* fix: entering string values on StringMax attributes
* fix: refreshing directory entities list view based on selected filter in Configuration\Directory
* fix: changing closed parent entity status to inherited
* fix: creating custom document in context Documents of the review
* fix: toolbar buttons on review page in Administration\Reviews
* fix: cancel print classification scheme with folder
* fix: adding retention policy on root classes
* fix: opening content part that has no associated application
* fix: search operation is executed twice
* fix: operations with retention policy mandates in Configuration\Retention
* fix: export/import of Significance, Status and Security class attribute values
* fix: export/import of Description value on class and folder entities
* fix: export/import of Email entity attribute values
* fix: show date and time values in local time

IMiS/Client 9.8.1710 requires .NET 4.0 Framework and consists of the following libraries:
* imisclient.net.dll 9.8.1710.104
* imisclient.shellex.net.dll 9.8.1710.104
* imisclient.soap.net.dll 9.8.1710.104
* storageconnector.net.dll 9.8.1710.134
* iarcli.net.dll 9.8.1710.93
* iacxapi.net.dll 3.1.1704.8
* imisbase.net.dll 9.8.1710.36

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