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IMiS/Storage Connector 10.3.2210 .NET Interface for IMiS/ARChive v10.3

Product:IMiS/Storage Connector .NET

Case: This is the first release of IMiS/Storage Connector that supports the new IMiS/ARChive 10.3 functionalities such as external identity authentication, user profile identity linking and other features and fixes. Trial version is available for testing purposes at info@imis.si.


What's new:
* Added external identity authentication.
* Added user profile identity linking.
* Changed ContentTypeResolver, ContentTypeMapper.
* Changed StorageConnector.DEF_PERSISTENT_SESSIONS to false.
* Changed project to .NET Standard 2.0.
* Added SearchOptions.ExactMatch.
* Added Document.IsStorageObject getter.
* Removed AuthenticationException.

* Fixed Archive.getSession() closed session check.
* Fixed IAStorage.GetSession() closed session check.
* Fixed Archive.SetEntityStatus() status pick list value.
* Fixed IASessionPool.ReleaseSession() closed check.
* Fixed StorageConnectorLogger reading dir, filename, size, count.
* Fixed Archive.GetCollection() IDeletionStub.
* Fixed EntityRights, PropertyRights EffectiveRights, IsEnabledForSubtree, IsDelegateContext, IsEnabledForThis, ValidFrom, ValidTo getter.
* Fixed UserProfile.SetData() stream length.
* Fixed ContentPart logging.

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