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IMiS/Storage Connector Services CMIS 9.7.2210

Product:IMiS/StorageConnector Services CMIS

Case: IMiS/Storage Connector Services CMIS 9.7.2210 is released.


MiS/StorageConnector Services CMIS provides a powerful, convenient, and simple Web services API for interacting with digital archive IMiS/ARChive Server. The advantages include ease of integration and development, and it's an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile and web-based applications.

IMiS/StorageConnector Services CMIS is built around the widely-used Java EE software environment. It contains a wealth of data objects with an easy-to-use interface (API). This makes it possible to quickly design functionally advanced applications for accessing IMiS/ARChive Server.

What's new:
* Updated libraries.
* Added entity import closed check, category check.
* Changed import, export AdditionalMetadata.
* Added IArchiveConfig getTrustStore(), getTrustStoreCertificates().

* Fixed ObjectStaging added max sessions per user option.
* Fixed DirectoryEntity.compareTo() this.
* Fixed Archive.getEntities() logging.
* Fixed Property.setValues() pick list date.
* Fixed Archive.search() set property names.
* Fixed Session.get() create new session.
* Fixed Content.changeContentPartIndex() swap position.
* Fixed IObjectStage.isStaged() version check.
* Fixed Archive.findEntity() exact match.
* Fixed ReadOnlyProperty template property null check.
* Fixed Archive.authenticating() exception.
* Fixed Property.setValue() append only.
* Fixed ArchiveConfig setDefaultEntityIdType(), setDefaultObjectStagingIdEncoding(), setDefaultObjectStagingIdType().
* Fixed EntityExport transfer confirmation entry close.

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