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Incorrect zlib1.dll file

Product:IMiS/Scan, IMiS/Scan++, IMiS/wScan, IMiS/View, IMiS/View++

Case: Starting IMiS/Scan can produce error “Bad image” – incorrect “zlib1.dll” file.


Starting IMiS/Scan from Lotus Notes application can produce error “Bad image”.

This error is only reproducible on computers where Lotus Notes version 9.0.1FP9 is installed and where selected scanner in IMiS/Scan is Kofax VRS.
Problem is with specific zlib1.dll file installed by the Lotus Notes. Zlib1.dll file is a library for compression or decompressing any content. It is used by Kofax VRS driver.
When IMiS/Scan is started from Lotus Notes it loads Kofax VRS driver. Kofax VRS driver needs zlib1.dll library so it searches for this file on disk. Because IMiS/Scan is stared from Lotus Notes its first location for zlib1.dll library is in folder where Lotus Notes is installed. There it finds Lotus Notes’s zlib1.dll file but this file is not a real Windows library at all. It is just a “dummy” text file. So when it is loaded in Kofax VRS driver it causes the error.

We do not know why Lotus Notes installation has put this file there however we found out that the only solution for this error is to delete zlib1.dll file. If this file is deleted then Kofax VRS driver will find its zlib library in its own folder.
File can be found in Lotus Notes installation folder. (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes).

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