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IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST 9.6.2010

Product:IMiS/StorageConnector Services REST

Case: IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST 9.6.2010 is released.


IMiS/StorageConnector Services REST provides a powerful, convenient, and simple Web services API for interacting with digital archive IMiS/ARChive Server. The advantages include ease of integration and development, and it's an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile and web-based applications.

IMiS/StorageConnector Service REST is built around the widely-used Java EE software environment. It contains a wealth of data objects with an easy-to-use interface (API). This makes it possible to quickly design functionally advanced applications for accessing IMiS/ARChive Server.

RESTfull Web services provide access to resources (data entities) via URI paths, using a uniform and predefined set of standard HTTP stateless operations: create (POST), retrieve/read (GET), update (PUT) and delete (DELETE).

This is the first release of IMiS/StorageConnector Services REST that supports the new IMiS/ARChive 10.1. New functionalities in this release are reading and searching for directory entities using their aliases, extended content search with new object fields, improved reading large collections with field parameter, operations for creating reports, WOPI protocol integration (Office for the web), account custom data operations, exporting entity in ASiC format, creating email entity from file, operation for updating entity classification code and other features and fixes.

What's new:
* Improved reading content-range header.
* Added CORS filter content-range value.
* Added review item public classification code field.
* Removed property options full text indexed field.
* Added content options label, description, append only, included in AIP, multi value, required. searchable fields.
* Added directory entity aliases, groups fields.
* Removed template status, security class, significance, physical property status values fields.
* Added deleted entity type field.
* Added reviews response categories field.
* Added entity search max_depth, classes, folders, documents, recursive query parameters.
* Added entity object upload sessions operations.
* Added read review save log.
* Added review has save log field.
* Added archive sessions operations.
* Added draft, entity property value.
* Added entities collection classes. folders, documents query parameters.
* Added account data read, update, delete operations.
* Improved session open user agent as computer name.
* Added operations for creating reports.
* Added entity transfer details read audit log and evidence operations.
* Added entity, review save log in ZIP format.
* Added entity new create email operation, which creates email entity from file.
* Added entity export in ASiC format.
* Added entity classification code update operation.
* Added entity WOPI protocol interface.
* Added object staging handle open, close.
* Added object staging streaming.
* Added object read buffer size.
* Added batch entity create email from file.
* Added read, clear entities, which are opened.
* Added searched entity object properties.
* Added entity versions fields query parameter.

* Fixed reading review item identifier.
* Fixed draft save reason query parameter.
* Fixed reading object range.
* Fixed create draft object with query parameter container_id.
* Fixed entity import security class value.
* Fixed entity import email to value.
* Fixed hostname checker host validation.
* Fixed entity import move date time value.
* Fixed entity export string max, binary types.
* Fixed object staging reading object stream.
* Fixed entity import content part description value.
* Fixed entity check out with null version.

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