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IMiS/wScan product online activation


Case: IMiS/wScan version 1.6.2010 is the first release of this product requiring activation. Upon purchase you will be provided with an activation key that can be used for a purchased number of activations. Activation key can include additional functionalities such as document separation and barcode detection. Activation can be done either over the internet (online) or by telephone (offline). This article focuses on online activation.

When activation is done over the internet the application connects to the activation service and sends an activation key along with a unique computer identifier. If there are activations available for the given activation key, the service creates the activation record for the specified computer, increments activation count and returns the activation data to the computer. Application saves activation data on the local machine and no longer requires connection to the service.

When the host computer need to be changed you should deactivate the product first to release one activation. When deactivating the application connects to the activation service and sends an activation key along with a unique computer identifier. The service removes the activation record for the specified computer and decrements activation count for the given activation key. The application then deletes locally stored activation data.

If for any reason deactivation is not successfully done on the activation service (unreachable activation service or other issues) we can perform deactivation with provided computer identifier in your name.

Below is a short guide on how to activate IMiS/wScan product.


To activate IMiS/wScan product first run IMiS/Capture Admin application and open Settings dialog.

For online activation select Activate license online option.

Enter activation key in the Activation key edit box. Use Activate button to activate the product online.

A dialog will inform you if product activation was successful. If IMiS Activation Service cannot be reached or the number of purchased activations was already reached an error dialog will appear.

You can check for license information by moving the mouse cursor over info icon.

When you need to change a machine where IMiS/Capture Service is installed, you should first deactivate your product on the old machine and then install it on the new machine.

You can deactivate a license by clicking Deactivate button.

On successful deactivation local activation data is removed from computer and the product is deactivated. If IMiS Activation Service was reachable during deactivation, the number of activated licenses is decreased.

After IMiS/Capture Service settings dialog is closed, the service, if running, is stopped and cannot be used anymore on the machine unless it is reactivated.

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