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IMiS/Storage Connector 10.1.2010 .NET Interface for IMiS/ARChive v10.1

Product:IMiS/Storage Connector .NET

Case: This is the first release of IMiS/Storage Connector that supports the new IMiS/ARChive 10.1 functionalities such as reading and searching for Directory entities using their aliases, extended content search, collection sorting and other features and fixes. Trial version is available for testing purposes at info@imis.si.


What's new:
* Reading aliases on Directory entities
* Setting property names to return while reading entity collections
* Reading explicit members of groups
* Storage for user profile custom data
* Creating entities from email messages
* Reading audit log and evidence on ITransferDetails
* Reading Content description, label and properties
* Reading Properties as list container
* Reading type of deleted entity
* Retention policy trigger extended to StringMax
* Review query expression extended to StringMax
* Setting manual classification codes with specified reason
* Specifying property names when getting entity info
* Removing IsFullTextIndexed property from IProperty
* Reading and searching with Directory entity aliases
* Case insensitive reading of Directory entities
* Review documents sorting
* Retention policies sorting
* Recursive entity reading
* Extended content search with new ISearchedContentPart

* Fixed deadlock between entity and ACL entry
* Fixed moving content part to custom content
* Fixed queueing content part for indexing
* Fixed error while deleting retention policy
* Fixed error while using ObjectSeek method

IMiS/Storage Connector 10.1.2010 .NET libraries:
* storageconnector.net.dll 10.1.2010.154
* imisbase.net.dll 10.1.2010.46
* iarcli.net.dll 10.1.2010.103
* iacxapi.net.dll 3.1.1903.9
* Uses .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5 or 4.0

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