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UUID error occures during synchronisation with Active Directory


Case: During synchronisation with Active Directory (or any other supported external synchronisation server) an "UUID" error occurs. Error in log (/var/log/iarc/iarc.log) file may looks like:

ERR[3] Error occurred while synchronizing directory objects. Reason: 'UUID value from directory object 'DevTeam' does not match uuid from synchronization server, object will not be updated.'.


Object UUID which is used for identification does not match already synchronised object data from previous synchronisation run. In most cases this means that object on synchronisation server was deleted and recreated with the same values (example.: account name) before synchronisation applies changes for each action (deletion, recreation). To solve this issue, process next steps trough IMiS/ARChive administration:

  1. Disable synchronisation on affected object.
  2. Delete affected object.

Next synchronisation cycle will recreate previously delete object and update it with values on synchronisation server.

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